About Us

Byron Beans is 100% Australian. We have been growing coffee on our farm since 1999. The Byron Bay hinterland is a great place to live and farm coffee. A mild climate with lots of rain and deep rich volcanic soils provide all we need from nature. We have adopted organic farming practises as the best way to nurture and improve our soil. And so that we can all confidently drink our coffee knowing that no harmful sprays or chemicals have been used.

Byron Beans is a family business built around the love of farming and a passion for coffee. Our early morning cup of smooth home grown coffee, enjoyed on the verandah overlooking the healthy neat rows of the coffee plantation; the daily pursuit of the perfectly made espresso coffee; and the never ending journey of learning about all things coffee. Thats what inspires us. A desire to grow great coffee and enjoy it with our friends and customers. — Mike and Natalie King