Byron Beans Coffee

Welcome to the Byron Beans shop. We are proud to sell a great tasting and smooth Australian grown coffee. We have four different roast styles and two blends, each available to suit whatever brewing method you choose. Take your time to read up about which roast and grind combination will suit you and how you brew it. Read more about coffee roast varieties and about grind styles. We've been growing coffee since 1999, and understand that freshness is essential to the perfect cup. The coffee is packaged from our freshly roasted supply when you order, so we can guarantee that it will arrive to you fresh. 

About the Origin.

Byron Beans coffee is a wet processed blend of mechanically demucilaged and fermented coffee. The wet processing technique is more suited for producing high quality arabica coffee, as the dry technique is often inconsistent, and doesn't allow for an age based quality screening of the beans. Despite this, a few regions are respected for their dry processed arabica, around Brazil and Ethiopia, but a study on the processing of Australian grown coffee has shown that wet processing results in a superior product. This process is especially suited to the subtropical Byron Bay region, where high rainfall is a further incentive to wet process.  In mixing two demuciliage techniques, we achieve the consistency of the mechanical option and blend it with the more developed notes produced by fermentation. Fermentation exposes the bean to the fruitier elements of the coffee for longer. The mechanically demuciliaged coffee is used as a high quality base flavour, with which we blend a selection of our fermented coffee to develop a distinctly floral hazelnut flavour on top of our notoriously smooth and consistent bean. All this occurs before the coffee is even roasted. 

Know Your Coffee: Roast Style

The roasting process transforms the chemical properties of each bean, creating its recognizable flavour, taste and colour. We offer you 4 unique roast styles and 2 combinations. Read more about our roast styles.