Different Types of Coffee Machines

Have you ever wondered how coffee houses produce such aromatic and fresh concoctions? You don’t need state-of-the-art machinery or barista training, although that would be helpful. It can easily be done even in your own kitchen. The coffee itself is the “secret ingredient”. Simply put, you can’t buy instant coffee and expect to brew good coffee.

Purveyors, such as Byron Beans, offer high-quality coffee that come in light to extra-dark roasts or any combination thereof, as well as specific types of grinds. Aside from a customer’s preference in terms of roast, the next most important thing to brewing a good cup of coffee is the type of coffee maker used and the grind that should be used in it.

One of the coffee makers that can be used in a household is a plunger type. The most basic of all coffee makers, its exterior is made of glass and the interior contains a plunger attached to a mesh filter. The coffee drinker just needs to pour the required amount of Byron Bean plunger coffee into the vessel and pour hot water into it. Wait 3-4 minutes as the coffee brews before depressing the plunger to filter out the coffee grounds and you have a simple, tasteful cup of coffee. The good thing about the plunger, or French press, is that it is easy to use, and can brew more than one cup of coffee depending on the size of the plunger.

Another type of coffee maker is the stovetop or moka pot. This is popular in European and Latin American countries. Operation of a stovetop coffee maker is more complicated than the plunger as it contains 3 sections. The lowest contains water, and the pot is heated until sufficient pressure is built up for it to pass through the coffee grinds and into the collection chamber where the coffee is ready to be served.

A stovetop coffee maker is usually made of steel or aluminium. Getting the hang of its operation might take some time, but the coffee brewed will develop a crema, and the process does extract quite a lot of flavour.

If espresso is the brew of choice, Byron Beans supplies espresso coffee grounds that are ideal for an espresso machine. Most Australians prefer pump-driven bar-system espresso machines to those that use the pod dripping system. The former yields the best extraction of oils and flavours, which creates a high-concentration espresso with a deep-brown crema.