For coffee fiends with a bit of a sweet tooth – why you should buy chocolate coated beans

Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves coffee. It seems only logical that the two should be paired up for a heavenly infusion of that espresso kick with a silky sweet coating. While most people don’t particularly like eating coffee beans due to their bitter aftertaste, a chocolate coated coffee bean is easy on every palate, reducing the bitterness without losing the coffee flavour.

Chocolate coated coffee beans are made by covering freshly roasted coffee beans in any type of chocolate. One of the most popular kinds is dark chocolate as this is a little more bitter, complementing the bitterness of the coffee bean. However, the chocolate is still helpful in reducing this bitter taste. This snack is also great for those who want a bit of a pick-me-up that is easy and cheap. Chocolate coated coffee beans offer both the feel-good factor that chocolate brings and the caffeine boost many crave from a good cup of coffee.

However, it is also important to remember that like everything, chocolate coated coffee beans must be eaten in moderation. They are only intended as a snack and not a meal. Too much chocolate is unhealthy and too much caffeine can make you unwell. They are great as a gift for someone or a snack while at work or studying for a big exam. Whatever reason you buy them for, remember to keep them for something special!

One company that sells chocolate coated coffee beans is Australian company, Byron Beans. They offer their premium Arabica Coffee Bean encased in rich dark chocolate in 100g and 22g packets. The product is one of their favourite items, allowing Byron Beans to offer a free pack of chocolate coated coffee beans if you buy 2kgs or more. Visit them online to find out more or purchase a packet of these delectable treats.