How to Choose Which Type of Coffee to Have

Coffee is coffee anywhere in the world…but the Australian names for coffees can sometimes be confusing to someone who is not used to it. Here is a quick guide to help you identify the different types of coffee and make sure you know what you’re ordering the next time you are at an Australian cafe:

The Short Black/ Espresso

The short black coffee is simply what is known as an espresso coffee everywhere else in the world. It is 25-30ml of pure extracted espresso. It has a rich golden crema and has no milk or water. Variations of a short black include a Ristretto and a Double Ristretto.

The Long Black

A long black is a double short black with boiling water added to it. A jug of milk is often served on the side so the drinker can add some milk if they wish.

The Macchiato

The Macchiato is an ideal coffee for someone who wants a weaker espresso. The perfect macchiato is made by making a good espresso and then adding in a dash of textured milk to add a slight creamy texture to the coffee. Macchiato’s are also ordered short and long.

The Flat White

The flat white is an Aussie favourite for those who love a good milky coffee, but don’t want the froth and foam that a cappuccino brings with it. A flat white is made with one shot of coffee and milk steamed to the optimum temperature.

The Cappuccino

The cappuccino is a thicker textured milky coffee. It is made with one shot of espresso coffee, steamed milk and topped off with about 2cm of textured milk to add an extra touch of creaminess to the coffee. This coffee most often comes topped with a dusting of chocolate powder.

The Latte

The latte is probably one of the most popular types of coffees in Australia. Usually served in a glass, a latte is a shot of coffee with steamed milk and a little bit of texture.

Other Varieties

Other coffee types you might come across include:

●        Piccolo – A piccolo is a smaller, stronger coffee. It is best described as a smaller version of a latte.

●        Mocha – A mocha is a hybrid of cappuccino and hot chocolate. It is made with a shot of coffee, a shot of chocolate, steamed milk and about 2cm of textured milk. It is popular among those who don’t like the strong taste of coffee.