The Future of Byron Beans, Converting to Organics

In July, Byron Beans passed a first year audit from the Australian Certified Organics program. It’s a three year process, and we’re very proud, as one of the largest coffee growers in Northern NSW to be at the vanguard of the organic movement. As of July in 2013, Byron Beans hopes to be completely certified to produce coffee under the endorsement of the Australian Certified Organics Program. Most people nowadays are aware of the health and environmental benefits of organic farming practices. With no synthetic chemicals or pesticides, organic farming yields vastly beneficial repercussions for the local environment. If you’ve ever been to the Byron Bay region, you’ll remember the stunning coastal environment and voluptuous green landscapes, host to all that Australiana that makes the region such a popular holiday destination. The area is most definitely unique, and at Byron Beans we aim to see it stay that way. This is a very exciting time for us, as we move forward to acknowledge our powers and responsibilities as farmers of the region.

When we were established in ’99, the plot of land we purchased was far from the vista that it is today. Overgrown with introduced species, it demonstrated the prior owner’s disregard for the property. We committed to restore the property to the standard of beauty that Byron Bay is famous for. Lantana and Camphor Laurels, among other species of noxious weeds were removed. The majestic gum and pine trees, which had developed along the fence-lines decades ago no longer had to compete for nutrients with introduced species, and today they stand as tall windbreaks, looking over the crop. Growing up on the farm, I remember seeing echidnas, tawny frogmouth owls, kookaburras, generations of magpies, paired possums, occasional wallabies, and, inevitably, the odd snake. For us, these sightings are the motivation for the adoption of sustainable practices, and we hope you’ll join us in attempting to maintain the fertile beauty of the Northern Rivers.