Whole versus ground coffee beans – which makes a better brew?

In Australia, we drink coffee every day. To wake us up in the morning, to keep us alert during the day and even to unwind after a hard day at the office. Most commonly people use ground coffee to get their caffeine fix, but these days, whole beans and professional coffee machines are becoming more and more popular. So which one is better?

Whole Beans

Using whole beans used to be something reserved solely for cafes and restaurants. No one wanted to take the time or money it cost to make a coffee with whole beans. However, the past decade or so has seen a rise in the access to whole coffee beans and coffee machines, with many people preferring the stronger taste. While brewing coffee with whole beans is a long process, the resulting drink is often preferred for its rich flavour. Whole coffee beans are fresh, full of flavour and aromatic for much longer than ground coffee beans. Although they are often ground for brewing, this process is fast enough that the coffee does not go stale and you hold the flavour, smells and taste of the bean.

Ground Coffee

Once coffee is ground, the flavour and aroma begins to dissipate. Unless the ground coffee is used almost instantly after grinding (like with a coffee machine), the coffee will not retain its freshness. Its exposure to air and moisture suck out the strength of the coffee. However, if stored correctly, this process can take longer and the flavour can be held a lot longer. Most people choose to purchase ground coffee as it is quick and convenient, however it is not as full flavoured or fresh as whole beans.

The choice between whole coffee beans and ground coffee beans comes down to preference. If you have the time, whole coffee beans will offer that great fresh and rich taste you love from a café, but if you are limited for time, ground coffee is a convenient alternative that still offers the coffee taste you love.

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