Improve the Flavour of your Coffee with Chocolate covered Coffee Beans

Byron Beans has been producing quality Australian coffee since 1999, and many coffee drinkers have since fallen in love with their premium products. Byron Beans is a literally home-grown label that strives to share its passion and interest in coffee among coffee lovers and novices alike.

The word that is used most frequently to describe their coffee is “heavenly,” as coffee aficionados can be assured that every cuppa from Byron Beans contains the perfect balance of flavour and aroma. Byron Beans prides itself on its organic coffee cultivation in the volcanic terrain of Byron Bay, where the sub-tropical climate, rich volcanic soil, fine weather, and frequent rain all contribute significantly to the production of quality coffee beans.

You are guaranteed with freshness with Byron Beans coffee. They roast their beans only when an order is placed so that buyers are assured of the most flavourful brew for every cup. As with all purveyors of excellent coffee, customers have a choice of light, medium, dark, or extra-dark roasts, as well as a combination of roast styles to ensure the perfect match for their palate.

While many coffee drinkers insist that the perfect accompaniment to an aromatic cup of coffee is a good book, others recognise the importance of leavening what could be described as the ultimate grown up experience with something sweeter.

In recognition of this, Byron Beans has made available the potentially addictive combination of chocolate and coffee, in the form of chocolate covered coffee beans. Made with the finest Arabic coffee beans, each bite-sized morsel is encased in a thick coating of luscious dark chocolate. In one bite, the succulent dark sweetness of the chocolate smoothly gives way to the invigorating crunch and slight bitterness of the snack’s caffeine heart.

Purists might balk at the idea of “adulterating” perfectly good coffee beans in such a manner, but one taste is all it takes for the combination of crunch, sweetness, and smooth dark bitterness to take hold of the tastebuds and leave one wanting more. Pack sizes start at 100 g, although anyone who has tried and shared them will attest that this is too small.

On the other hand, the modest package sizes make chocolate covered coffee beans the ideal dinner party gift, a mid-day pick-me-up snack for one, or an unusual but welcome addition to a plate of sweet ice cream. Customers who buy 2 kg or more of Byron Beans coffee stand to receive a free pack of chocolate covered coffee beans as well.