How coffee can benefit your health

We drink coffee every day. Many of us use it to wake up in the morning, to keep us going through the day and even to cool down at night. It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, with a bitter, acidic flavour made from roasted beans from a coffee plant. It has been around for many years and is consumed so readily mostly due to its caffeine content that gives you that energy hit. However, there are a number of other reasons you should keep drinking your morning cuppa.

Coffee has a variety of health benefits to help with a number of diseases and disorders. Research shows that those who drink coffee reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, heart disease, strokes and some cancers. It has been found that those who drink three or more cups a day can reap the health benefits of coffee.

It is also well known that coffee is full of antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids. Antioxidants keep cells from being damaged, which is good for reducing the risk of Type II Diabetes as well as colds and flus. Coffee also contains minerals that help the body regulate insulin. The omega-6 fatty acids within coffee, also known as polyunsaturated fats, are vital for maintaining brain function, encouraging the growth of healthy skin and the body, bone growth and for keeping the body’s metabolism in its healthiest state.

Coffee has also been linked as beneficiary to physical fitness due to its amount of water, carbohydrates and salt. These ingredients help prevent fatigue and illness. Although it has been said that coffee can dehydrate, recent studies say this may not be as big an issue as previously thought. It has also been shown to increase speed and power in simulated race conditions.

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Go organic – why organic food is good for you and the environment

Although organic foods are now a very popular alternative at grocery stores, a lot of people don’t actually know the health or environmental benefits associated with going organic. Organic, by the National Organic Standards Board’s definition, means the “organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity.” It goes on to say it is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and follows practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. This means organic foods are made naturally, without the use of toxic fertilisers or pesticides and are minimally processed before being sold to you.

But why does this make organic food a better alternative? There are a wide variety of reasons organic food is a great choice for foods and drinks, like your vegetables, bread, milk and even your coffee! Due to the way they are made, organic foods are great for your energy levels, your immunity and for fighting chronic health problems. They are also good because they lack any harmful chemicals or residues left from the way most food is treated before it is sent to your local supermarket.

Organic foods are also great for the environment. Buying organic is a great way to keep your body healthy and do your part for the environment. There are a number of reasons they help the earth, including the lack of chemicals or drugs used on animals, the lack of dangerous pesticides or fertilisers and the high standards and guidelines they must follow to be certified organic, which mean they are as natural and eco-friendly as possible.

One thing that many don’t consider buying in the organic market is organic coffee. Most of us don’t think of coffee as being grown and treated, but coffee plants are often given the same harmful toxic pesticides and fertilisers as your vegetables and fruit. With coffee as much a necessity as milk and eggs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy organic coffee.

One company that offers great organic coffee beans is Australian company, Byron Beans. Visit them online to find out more and go organic today!

For coffee fiends with a bit of a sweet tooth – why you should buy chocolate coated beans

Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves coffee. It seems only logical that the two should be paired up for a heavenly infusion of that espresso kick with a silky sweet coating. While most people don’t particularly like eating coffee beans due to their bitter aftertaste, a chocolate coated coffee bean is easy on every palate, reducing the bitterness without losing the coffee flavour.

Chocolate coated coffee beans are made by covering freshly roasted coffee beans in any type of chocolate. One of the most popular kinds is dark chocolate as this is a little more bitter, complementing the bitterness of the coffee bean. However, the chocolate is still helpful in reducing this bitter taste. This snack is also great for those who want a bit of a pick-me-up that is easy and cheap. Chocolate coated coffee beans offer both the feel-good factor that chocolate brings and the caffeine boost many crave from a good cup of coffee.

However, it is also important to remember that like everything, chocolate coated coffee beans must be eaten in moderation. They are only intended as a snack and not a meal. Too much chocolate is unhealthy and too much caffeine can make you unwell. They are great as a gift for someone or a snack while at work or studying for a big exam. Whatever reason you buy them for, remember to keep them for something special!

One company that sells chocolate coated coffee beans is Australian company, Byron Beans. They offer their premium Arabica Coffee Bean encased in rich dark chocolate in 100g and 22g packets. The product is one of their favourite items, allowing Byron Beans to offer a free pack of chocolate coated coffee beans if you buy 2kgs or more. Visit them online to find out more or purchase a packet of these delectable treats.

What Makes for Good Coffee?

First discovered in Ethiopia, coffee is a brewed beverage made from the cherries of the coffee plant, commonly known as coffee beans. One of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, enjoying great popularity and attendant demand, coffee beans are one of the most widely traded and exported agricultural commodities in the world. They are cultivated and exported worldwide, particularly in areas with temperate to tropical climates such as Latin America, East Africa, South East Asia, and Australia.

There are a few elements that come together to produce the best cup of coffee. The best coffee is brewed with the correct combinations of roast, grind, and proportion, and the beans that go into the pot must be of stellar quality. Coffee cherries that are harvested from the coffee plant have to be roasted to perfection to produce coffee beans that are ideal for brewing. Coffee beans that are roasted to their perfect roast spectrum will create a unique aroma, taste, and flavour.

Byron Beans Coffee, a 100% Australian-owned coffee company, has been growing and roasting coffee beans perfectly, and creating the best coffee since 1999. They offer 4 different roast styles and 2 roasting combinations to create a variety of perfectly roasted and quality coffee.

In addition to good roasting methods, Byron Beans’ coffee beans are grown on a farm overlooking Byron Bay, the local climate and terrain ensuring that the coffee beans that are produced are of superior quality. Compared to coffee beans imported from other countries, from which delivery would take time and decrease the freshness of the beans, local cultivation, by Byron Beans, makes a world of difference in the taste and aroma of the resulting coffee.

A cup of the best coffee also depends on how the beans are ground and brewed. There are various methods or approaches to brewing coffee, each with its own pros and cons. Coffees from Byron Beans are freshly ground and packed to cater to all sorts of coffee-making tools. For instance, if you have a coffee press, you can look forward to freshly packed coffee grinds that are ready for quick brewing.

Coffee beans, that are brewed after being roasted to perfection, will produce one of the best cups of coffee ever made, but only if they get to the coffee drinker in time.

So, why go for expensive, commercialised, imported coffee beans, when you can enjoy the fresh, organic, and homegrown offerings from Byron Beans.

How to Choose Which Type of Coffee to Have

Coffee is coffee anywhere in the world…but the Australian names for coffees can sometimes be confusing to someone who is not used to it. Here is a quick guide to help you identify the different types of coffee and make sure you know what you’re ordering the next time you are at an Australian cafe:

The Short Black/ Espresso

The short black coffee is simply what is known as an espresso coffee everywhere else in the world. It is 25-30ml of pure extracted espresso. It has a rich golden crema and has no milk or water. Variations of a short black include a Ristretto and a Double Ristretto.

The Long Black

A long black is a double short black with boiling water added to it. A jug of milk is often served on the side so the drinker can add some milk if they wish.

The Macchiato

The Macchiato is an ideal coffee for someone who wants a weaker espresso. The perfect macchiato is made by making a good espresso and then adding in a dash of textured milk to add a slight creamy texture to the coffee. Macchiato’s are also ordered short and long.

The Flat White

The flat white is an Aussie favourite for those who love a good milky coffee, but don’t want the froth and foam that a cappuccino brings with it. A flat white is made with one shot of coffee and milk steamed to the optimum temperature.

The Cappuccino

The cappuccino is a thicker textured milky coffee. It is made with one shot of espresso coffee, steamed milk and topped off with about 2cm of textured milk to add an extra touch of creaminess to the coffee. This coffee most often comes topped with a dusting of chocolate powder.

The Latte

The latte is probably one of the most popular types of coffees in Australia. Usually served in a glass, a latte is a shot of coffee with steamed milk and a little bit of texture.

Other Varieties

Other coffee types you might come across include:

●        Piccolo – A piccolo is a smaller, stronger coffee. It is best described as a smaller version of a latte.

●        Mocha – A mocha is a hybrid of cappuccino and hot chocolate. It is made with a shot of coffee, a shot of chocolate, steamed milk and about 2cm of textured milk. It is popular among those who don’t like the strong taste of coffee.

How to Brew the Perfect Cuppa

A cup of coffee seems simple enough to make – coffee, milk, water and a bit of sugar to taste and voila you’re done! Right? Well….not quite. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee takes some work and with a bit of experience you will also learn what NOT to do when brewing coffee.

Here are some tips to help you brew that perfect cup:

Whole Beans Are The Best

Whole beans will hold in the flavours and the integrity of the coffee for longer so that when you grind it, the flavours are fresh. If you buy coffee that has already been ground, you have already started losing some of this flavour.

Grind It Right

Grinders come at various prices and a good grinder will give you regularly ground perfect coffee. These can vary in price and quality, so choose a reliable brand that will grind to suit your style of coffee. The most important thing to keep in mind is to grind your coffee just before you use it.


Coffee is at its best when fresh, so ideally you should buy smaller amounts of fresh coffee regularly. It can be put in the freezer if necessary, in an airtight sealed bag. However, for coffee that you will use on a regular basis, you can store it at room temperature in an airtight, opaque glass or inert container for the best preservation of flavour.

Coffee Pressing

Once again, while an expensive coffee press will do an excellent job, it is not essential. For the average person, a regular, affordable French press can create excellent coffee. For best results, pour some hot water through the unit before using it to preheat it and your coffee will turn out at the optimum temperature.

Coffee Brewing Don’ts

●        Never use a dirty coffee machine or other brewing equipment. Equipment that hasn’t been cleaned properly will have left over sediments which will add a burnt, rancid taste to your coffee that you definitely do not want.

●        Don’t use stale coffee beans – they will completely ruin the taste of your cuppa.

●        Never use old water. Fresh water makes for better tasting coffee and contributes to the taste a lot more than you realise. Never use distilled water – the natural minerals in water add a lot of taste to your coffee.

●        Don’t store your coffee in the fridge – every time you open the container moisture will condense on the cold coffee.

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is not always about spending a lot of money to buy the perfect and most expensive equipment.

Whole versus ground coffee beans – which makes a better brew?

In Australia, we drink coffee every day. To wake us up in the morning, to keep us alert during the day and even to unwind after a hard day at the office. Most commonly people use ground coffee to get their caffeine fix, but these days, whole beans and professional coffee machines are becoming more and more popular. So which one is better?

Whole Beans

Using whole beans used to be something reserved solely for cafes and restaurants. No one wanted to take the time or money it cost to make a coffee with whole beans. However, the past decade or so has seen a rise in the access to whole coffee beans and coffee machines, with many people preferring the stronger taste. While brewing coffee with whole beans is a long process, the resulting drink is often preferred for its rich flavour. Whole coffee beans are fresh, full of flavour and aromatic for much longer than ground coffee beans. Although they are often ground for brewing, this process is fast enough that the coffee does not go stale and you hold the flavour, smells and taste of the bean.

Ground Coffee

Once coffee is ground, the flavour and aroma begins to dissipate. Unless the ground coffee is used almost instantly after grinding (like with a coffee machine), the coffee will not retain its freshness. Its exposure to air and moisture suck out the strength of the coffee. However, if stored correctly, this process can take longer and the flavour can be held a lot longer. Most people choose to purchase ground coffee as it is quick and convenient, however it is not as full flavoured or fresh as whole beans.

The choice between whole coffee beans and ground coffee beans comes down to preference. If you have the time, whole coffee beans will offer that great fresh and rich taste you love from a café, but if you are limited for time, ground coffee is a convenient alternative that still offers the coffee taste you love.

Whatever you choose, Byron Beans can help. They have a wide range of coffee styles, including whole beans and ground espresso. Visit them online today to see what they have on offer.

The perfect gift for your special someone

As the weather warms up and summer sets in, the next thing many of us start to worry about is Christmas. Although it is still a few months away, shops are already bringing out the tinsel and fairy lights and your list of presents is being forced to the front of your mind. However, with most of us working full time, we find ourselves resorting more and more to online shopping.


Available any time of the day and without the stress of long lines or sales assistants using the typical sales speech to get you buying, going online is a great option. But with so much choice, where do you start? One gift that is bound to go down well with your loved one is chocolate coated coffee beans.


Aussies love chocolate and coffee. Chocolate is a great treat and goes well with anything, while coffee is the regular pick-me-up for many full-time workers (including the role as parent!). And what better way to give back to your home country than by buying Australian grown and produced coffee beans from online supplier, Byron Beans. Utilising their premium Arabica bean and coating it with a delicious layer of rich dark chocolate, their chocolate coated coffee beans are the perfect gift for any occasion.


Whether you are stuck for a Secret Santa present for a colleague, want to buy your loved one something special yet affordable or just need to buy something quick and convenient but still impressive, Byron Beans’ chocolate coated coffee beans are a great choice. You can purchase the beans on their own in 100g and 200g bags, or receive a free pack of chocolate coated coffee beans with any 2kg purchase of their regular certified organic coffee beans.


So, don’t make buying presents difficult. Enjoy the convenience of shopping in the comfort of your desk chair and purchase online. With a wide range of certified organic coffee beans available, as well as the delicious, unique tang of their chocolate coated coffee beans, Byron Beans has something to please everyone this Christmas.

The importance of buying Australian grown goods

In recent years, the urge to buy Australian products has risen dramatically. Purchasing from home is a top priority for many people, particularly in relation to food. Vegetables, fruit, coffee and other perishable goods are imported and exported all over the world and making sure the money and services stay in our own backyards has become important to a lot of people. But why? What is the advantage and how can you help?

Why buy Australian made

If you buy Australian produced and distributed products, you will be giving back to the community. Although it may cost a little extra, this money will help keep warehouses and farms open and stimulate our economy. Buying imported goods could result in the loss of jobs for thousands within Australia.

Another reason to buy Australian grown goods is because you know what you are getting and how the products have been produced. You can be guaranteed animals have been treated correctly under Australia’s rules and that the people making the products are treated and paid fairly. As laws and regulations – as well as how well they are enforced – are different in other countries, you cannot guarantee the animals and people involved have been treated ethically when buying imported products.

Buy your coffee from Byron Beans

These days, coffee is just as important as buying milk and bread when you go to the grocery store. If you want high quality coffee that gives back to your home, why not choose Byron Beans, a Byron based coffee supplier who makes and distributes in Australia. Their coffee beans and ground coffee is 100 per cent Australia grown coffee, so you can be sure you are getting value for money and supporting the local industry.

If you are interested in buying some coffee beans from Byron Beans, or want more information about how the beans are produced and distributed, visit them online now and give back to your home.

King of the roast: 3 secrets to great coffee

Coffee blends are about as diverse as coffee drinkers. Java, mocha, American, espresso, Italian or French – there are hundreds of different types of coffee, each with their own distinct aroma and flavour. American is a medium roast with a mild flavour while French is heavily roasted with a very strong flavour. Often beans that have been roasted differently are combined to create a unique coffee blend.

Whichever way you enjoy yours, one thing all coffee drinkers agree on is that the final coffee experience depends largely on the expertise of the roasting process. Roasting involves heating the batch to exactly the right temperature in order to crack the bean, caramelise its natural sugars and extract the perfect flavour. Over roasting can spoil the intense flavours and rich aroma of the coffee bean. With so much at stake, what are the best roasting tips to creating that perfect cup of coffee?

1. Preparing the green beans

Choosing the right coffee bean will have a major effect on the roasting process and final flavour. Coffee beans are usually grouped according to their country of origin. Each bean has its own distinct colour and flavour. When ripe, the coffee berries are harvested, graded and sorted ready for washing, drying and fermentation. Various combinations are mixed to create the perfect coffee blends.

2. Roasting process

To ensure the finest flavour and aroma the beans are roasted in a highly controlled environment. As the beans become hotter, they begin to release natural oils and caramelise sugars which give them their unique flavour. Roasting can only take 15 minutes, depending on the strength of the roast desired, and the beans are carefully monitored to ensure over roasting does not ruin the flavour.

3. Packing and storing

Once roasted, the beans are cooled to prevent the roasting process continuing inside the bean. The roasted coffee beans de-­gas carbon dioxide for a few days. For best results the roasted coffee should be quickly packed into bags with a one way valve. This allows the carbon dioxide out, but no oxygen in. Packed correctly, the bean should retain its full flavour, from the roasting room right up to coffee cup.

Byron Beans is one company offering perfectly roasted beans, sourced from their certified organic farm in the Byron Bay hinterland. Check out what they have on offer by visiting them online.